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Our Story

A Unique Approach to Wholeness

  • Sustainability at the Forefront

    We share in your efforts to make our world a better place by reducing waste and consciously sourcing our food and materials. We do everything we can to limit our carbon footprint.

  • Bringing People Together

    Good food is what connects us, it’s what builds relationships. We’re rooted in the idea that a good, hearty meal is best enjoyed when it’s shared—side by side with your loved ones.

  • An Abundance Mindset

    Our passion is in the name, Plenty Goods. Since the beginning, we’ve embraced the concept of abundance, feasting, and perpetuating a healthy relationship with food.

  • Nourishing From the Inside Out

    Leading a healthy lifestyle can be somewhat of a balancing act these days. We strive to make things a little easier for you by using wholesome, organic ingredients you can feel good about.

What Guides Us

  • Consciously Consuming

    Everything we create—from the food we cook to its final packaging and our curation of wellness offerings—reflects our love for both people and the planet. We work hard to establish sustainable initiatives that leave you well-fed and well-balanced.

  • Elevating the Whole Self

    You have the power to choose great foods and experiences that elevate your entire being. Our curated, seasonal menu and offerings are filled with the tastiest, good-for-you dishes that uplift and inspire you in every way.

  • An Inclusive Community

    Our space is meant to bring people together—all people. There’s beauty to be found in living life alongside each other. That’s why we do everything we can to foster community and provide a safe space to meditate, commune, and eat, whatever your dietary needs may be.

  • Curiosity at Our Core

    Here at Plenty Goods, we bring a curious approach to both food and life. We’re constantly evolving, learning, and trying new things to excite the palate and help you embark on your own culinary adventure.

“Good health is not about deprivation - it is living a full and plentiful life with foods that inspire us and make us remember where we came from.”

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